Premier Supplier of Bulk Petroleum Products in New England Opens CT’s Newest Propane Rail Terminal

BRIDGEPORT, CT – October 26, 2015 – Inland Fuel Terminals, Inc. a subsidiary of Santa Energy Corporation, has opened a 540,000 gallon propane rail facility in Plymouth, CT. Located a few miles north of Waterbury, CT with convenient major highway access into New York, Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, just minutes away from Route 8 and Interstate 84. This brand new, state-of-the-art wholesale facility provides Northeast US propane dealers with easy, convenient access to a secure propane supply.

The terminal has eight tower positions for unloading propane rail cars and four transport loading bays for outgoing product. At 600 gallons per minute transports are able to load in about 20 minutes. Inland has contracted a service agreement with its rail provider for guaranteed switches to ensure the terminal is adequately supplied. Inland also has a storage agreement with the railroad to maintain an inventory of cars within their local system. On short notice cars would move to the terminal quickly in time of high demand. This strengthens Inland’s ability to maintain uninterrupted service to customers.

Inland offers flexible hours of operation based on customer and seasonal demand, along with customized supply and pricing programs tailored to each customer’s specific needs. “We are excited to open CT’s largest propane rail facility and looking forward to serving propane dealers throughout the Northeast U.S.” said Hillel Weisel, Director of Sales and Marketing Development, Inland Fuel Terminals.

About Inland Fuel Terminals
Beginning in 1962 with Connecticut’s first unattended card-operated fuel terminal, Inland Fuel Terminals, Inc has grown to become one of New England’s premier suppliers of wholesale distillate products. Through a network of terminals located in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Inland offers quality products to fuel dealers in the Northeast U.S. For more information, contact Hillel Weisel at 800-827-7099 or weiselh@inlandfuel.com.php73-40.lan3-1.websitetestlink.com, to learn more about Inland Fuel Terminals please visit www.inlandfuel.com.

About Santa Energy Corporation
Founded in 1940 and based in Bridgeport, CT, Santa Energy Corporation is a comprehensive energy solutions company providing a full range of energy products including heating oil and propane to Connecticut homes, as well as heating and motor fuels, natural gas, propane and electricity to businesses and institutions throughout New England. Santa Energy Corporation’s financial strength, stability and long term commitment ensures customers can always count on reliable energy supply. For more information, please visit www.santaenergy.com.